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What do you wear to the happiest place on earth?


Let’s say that at any theme park, or recreational area a fanny pack is a bit outdated. Don’t get me wrong I love the 80s; as does Naela, but we know our clothing limits, (most of the time). You don’t want to end up being ridiculed on someone’s Facebook because you chose to live in the past. Or maybe you do, what are the odds you’d even know right? I’m glad to say that Naela is very much in the present. You definitely want to go comfortable to place where you will be doing a lot of standing around, walking and eating. The reality is you’re going to be in long lines; and you’re going to stuff your face with ice cream, churros, funnel cakes, candies, lemonades,  Dippin Dots and other foods/ desserts you place in the “I don’t ALWAYS get to eat this” category. Here’s what my sister wore to the happiest place on earth. A faux leather jacket from Forever 21, H&M sweater, a Target pinstripe button up shirt, Alloy Moto boots, gray skinny jeans, and a wrap around scarf from the GAP. You want to make sure you layer. While you may get hot during the day, California nights can get pretty chilly. Plus, if you feel bloated you can just put your jacket back on. Just remember to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride J.

Written by: Diana K. Cansino

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